One Dream Interprets Another to Predict the U.S. Mid-Term Election Results

Dreams come from wherever we do. They regularly predict the future and they link people together in the world of dreams. In the following case one dream even arrived to interpret another dream! And just in time to predict the outcome of yesterday’s mid-term U.S. elections (November 7, 2006).

DreamTalk is a membership email dream group to which people submit dreams to be interpreted by the group. On November 6, we received the following dream:

“Hi DreamTalkers, Dreamed this last night. It’s a bit long, but I would appreciate any insights.”

The Pre-Fab House” (excerpts) I go for a weekend getaway to this house in the country… a beautiful wilderness area… when something unlatches… and the house goes rolling… down a hill… and turns on its side… I am surprised in no time the house is back in its spot… the place is some sort of pre-fab home. I can tell by the floors and other materials, although I really like everything in it. The types of things I’d choose…. and then a huge room attached with a different color carpet–blue… Some woman tells me a college built it… “It’s an amazing house.” The only downfall, I think, is that some of the materials might off-gas for awhile… there is a neighborhood across the way. I can see houses and electric lines.

Next morning (November 7, 2006) we received this remarkable email from Dr Marjorie Miles, a co-moderator of the group. The first dream is interpreted in this dream on the morning of the elections. The email speaks for itself:

Dear DreamTalkers, Fab-ulous dream! Well, your dream stimulated a dream for me this A.M. that offered a social-political commentary on your dream. How appropriate since today is Election Day! In my dream, I am told that the House in your dream represents the House of Representatives, and that it needs to be turned on it side so we can change direction to a time (pre-fab) prior to the fabrication of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction that eventually has led us to war. In my dream, I am encouraged by the fact that something is unhooked that has been keeping the current political agenda in place, and that we are entering a beautiful wilderness area–new territory which includes a new vision for preservation of wilderness areas, and addressing issues like global warming, health care, and the economy. Even though we may have enduring a sick house that requires us to get off gas (and look for alternative fuels), and, though, it may take a while, there are new neighborhoods we can inhabit–with electric lines (perhaps for electric cars) and, other sources of fuel. If this were my dream, it would say loudly: Be Sure to Vote Today!…so we can have a new House in the Country (first line in your dream) Blessings on the journey, Marjorie

Dreamers who practice interpretation do occasionally have dreams which encourage their progress by interpreting bits of dreams within a dream. It is unusual for a dream to interpret another person’s dream. As the election results are tallied we hear the word “landslide” which is what occurred literally in the dream. The house leadership moved from one “side” of the aisle to the other, changing from red to “blue” as in the dream. Is the “hill,” Capitol Hill? Is the marvel of it being “back in its spot” the miracle of peaceful elections? Is the “floor” that of the House? This political outcome is definitely what the dreamer “likes” and would “choose.” Is this “amazing House” of Representatives the one the “college” of electors helped build? And will the “downfall” of oil-affiliated Republicans actually get America “off gas for a while?” Who knew the makers of dream were so political? One final question is how the second dream’s interpretation strikes the original dreamer. Here is her response to Dr Marjorie’s dream’s analysis:

Dr. Marjorie, How wild! It’s funny because I am soooooooo political. And when I do build a house it will be off the grid and solar powered. I also want an electric car! Ha! Amazing. Thank you. And I already voted in early voting last Friday. Yeah!