Solar Panels and Electric Cars – Never Buy Gas Again

Solar power and an electric car can free you from paying for gasoline forever. Imagine, no more gas taxes, no more dependence on foreign oil, and no more electric bills. And the best part is you can build your own solar panels and convert your own car to run on electricity!

This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky electric dream, it’s reality. The technology to produce your own solar power is here. The technology to convert your own electric vehicle is here. All you need is the know-how and a few tools that are probably in your garage right now. Remember, we’re not talking about a hybrid car, we’re talking about an all-electric vehicle that uses no gas at all.

One disadvantage to an electric car is that the power to run it is usually generated by a utility company using coal, natural gas or nuclear fuel. If you have to buy electricity, where’s the savings and the good for the environment? That’s where solar panels come in. You can use the sun to create your own electricity to run your car and your whole house to boot. Get off the grid and be truly energy independent.

This is the point where people usually ask, “Isn’t it prohibitively expensive to install solar panels? And aren’t electric cars expensive, too?” That might be if you pay someone to install commercial solar panels and you go out and buy a brand new electric car. But now you can install DIY solar panels and convert an existing car to electricity. A few weekends and some sweat equity are a great substitute for cash.